Morikukko backpacks offer both style and convenience with their versatile usage. Thanks to their high-quality, water and stain-resistant fabric, and removable hood, you can easily use these backpacks in various settings. The hoods will protect you from rain in winter and shield you from the sun in summer. Discover this wonderful alternative for both your children and yourself today.


Inspired by the combination of a blanket and a cloak, Blancapeler is a fantastic solution to keep you protected from rain and snow during the winter months. This innovative garment merges the comfort of a traditional cloak with the coziness of a blanket, providing maximum comfort while shielding you from cold weather conditions.

Blancapeler is equipped with durable and waterproof outer fabric, ensuring you stay dry under rain and snow. Additionally, it features a soft and warm inner lining similar to a blanket, keeping you snug during cold weather.

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